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What is a mikvah?
A mikvah is a natural body of water or a gathering of water that has a designated connection to natural water. The "pool"contains about 200 gallons of water.

Why go to a mikvah?
The mikvah is a mitzvah (commandment) of the highest import, equal to keeping Kosher and the Sabbath.

What is Family Purity?
Family purity introduces times of separation and reunion as part of a cycle in married life. Separation begins with the onset of the menstruation.  The reunion, which follows, holds the highest potential for marital sanctity.

Is the mikvah only used by women?
No, the mikvah is used for various things:

  • It is the final stage of conversion to Judaism.
  • It is used by men customarily at auspicious times, such as before Yom Kippur and a groom on his wedding day. Many men use it Erev Shabbos, while some chassidic men even use the mikvah daily before prayer.
  • Generally, new dishes should also be immersed in the mikvah before use.