JPL and the Chabad Center welcome ALL families regardless to their Jewish religious affiliation or practice.

Below is our School Philosophy as it appears in the Parent Handbook.

The Jewish Preschool of Lexington does not discriminate in providing services on the basis of race, cultural heritage, marital status, political beliefs, national origin, sexual orientation or disability.

The Jewish Preschool of Lexington (JPL) is proud to be an extension of the Beit Chaim Meir Chabad Center of Lexington. Under the guidance of Rabbi Alter Bukiet, Executive Director, the Center provides a place of worship and holiday celebrations, a center for learning and educational opportunities, and facilities for celebrating Jewish family events. Chabad Center is always open to welcome families regardless of their Jewish religious affiliation or practice.

The staff at JPL is highly qualified and educated in the field of early childhood education in general, and Jewish early childhood education in particular. The teachers are devoted to creating an environment that is safe, warm, caring, and conducive to learning in the early years. Our unique blend of educators provides the children with both Judaic and secular experiences, and infuses the school with excitement, pride, and love for our Jewish heritage. Our staff is sensitive, open and accepting of families regardless of Jewish religious practices. What do these words mean on a practical level?

Children at The Jewish Preschool of Lexington:

  • Develop life skills, social skills, and friendships.
  • Engage in activities that are based on carefully developed age-appropriate curriculum.
  • Participate in enrichment programs of music and movement.
  • Explore science and math as they relate to the curriculum and everyday experiences.
  • Expand their language skills and early literacy.
  • Celebrate Jewish events in a multi-sensory fashion.
    Develop gross motor skills in spacious facilities, and are developing fine motor skills using a variety of age appropriate materials.

The Jewish Preschool of Lexington provides the children and their families with ample opportunities to explore and participate in Jewish life:

  • We support each family during life-cycle events and holiday celebrations that mark the Jewish calendar.
  • We learn and use Hebrew as a living language. Through prayers, songs, and stories, Hebrew is incorporated into our daily routine.
  • We reinforce our connection with the larger Jewish community, as well as Early Childhood programs in our sister-city, Haifa, Israel.
  • We provide resources for our families who desire to further their knowledge of Jewish observances.

Our graduates emerge as children who are self-reliant and confident, motivated to learn, curious to explore, eager to share, and well ready to embark on the challenges of elementary education. All in all, our graduating students are happy, well adjusted children who bring pride and joy to everyone.