Tuition and Fee Schedule – School Year 2016-2017

The Board of Directors at Chabad Center has set the following tuition rates. As much as we would have liked avoid increasing tuition, unfortunately a small increase was unavoidable. We are maintaining a high teacher/student ratio, and our overhead is very high. We hope you understand.


Registration Fee is nonrefundable:  new enrollment - $100   returning students - $ 75

FULL YEAR (FY): Sept – mid Aug (includes public school vacations)        


  5 day 4 day 3 day


 $11,000 $  $9,650  $8,100
9am-3pm  $14,800       $13,00  $10,700
9am-6pm  $18,400  $16,900  $14,200


   5 day  4 day  3 day
 9am-1pm  $ 8,900  $ 7,900  $6,685
 9am-3pm  $11,600  $10,650  $8,900
 9am-6pm  $14,600  $13,600  $11,600


SCHOOL YEAR (SY): Sept- mid June (does NOT include public school vacations)


   5 day  4 day  3 day
 9am-1pm  $8,670  $7,500  $6,250
 9am-3pm  $11,780  $10,400  $8,570
 9am-6pm  $15400  $13,800   $11,250



   5 day  4 day  3 day
 9am-1pm  $ 7,300  $6,480  $5,300
 9am-3pm  $ 9,750  $8,700  $7,200
 9am-6pm  $12,600  $11,400  $9,450

*All Pre-K children (in the 4 year-old class) are required to attend the 5-day program. However, options for extended day are available.

**Extended sessions cannot be substituted for unattended school days.

***If a child is absent due to a prolonged illness, substitution will be considered. We apologize for the inconvenience this may create. 

Flexible Schedule:  

Parents have the options to sign up for Early Drop-Off and Extended Day on a scheduled contract-base or as needed.


8:00AM-9AM$560 per day/per year (full year students) OR $440 per day per year (school year students)

8:30AM-9AM$350 per day per year (full year students) OR $280 per day per year (school year students)


OCCASIONAL DROP IN (if available):

  • Early Drop-Off: 8:00AM / 8:30AM             $15 / $8

  • Extended Day per hour $12 PS / $14 Toddler

  • Additional days per request for Toddlers: $65 (9-1PM) / $85 (9-3PM) $95 (9-6PM)

  • Additional days per request for Preschoolers: $55 (9-1PM) $75 (9-3PM) $85 (9-6PM)



Full Year - vacation weeks and summer program are included in tuition

School Year – some vacation days / weeks and summer program will be calculated separately.



  • PICK UP AND DROP OFF - We do not like to charge a fee for being late to pick up your child, (though we are often asked why we don’t charge as other schools do.) So we kindly ask that parents arrive to pick up their children as agreed on the individual schedule.

  • We also ask to make all tuition payments on time as arranged with Director.


The following fees will be applied if needed:

  • Late arrival to pick-up (for every 5 minutes)                                                $15                  

  • Late payment of tuition (for every late payment)                                         $20

  • Returned check: we will charge the fees banks will charge us, usually     $40


Rates are based on a commitment for the entire school year, Sept - mid June or Sept– mid Aug (as indicated in the 2016-2017 school year calendar) and as indicated in your schedule request.

  • 10% discount for siblings will be applied to one (1) sibling only.

  • Money will be refunded ONLY for the reason of moving away from the region (15 miles and beyond). The Board will determine the amount of the refund.

  • Each child is enrolled for the entire school year as requested in the Schedule Request, or the balance of the school year (if they started later than the start of the school year.)

  • No Money will be refunded after April 1st for any reason.



  • Deposits prior to start of school year:

  1. First $500 due April 15th;

  2. Second $500 due July 15st.;  

  3. Third $1000 due September 1st.

  • Above payments will be applied to the tuition.

  • The balance can be divided into payment options as arranged with Director.


Scholarships and Financial Aid:

  • Scholarships are available: through LexFun Scholarship Fund and JPL Scholarship Fund. Every year JPL grants financial aid to families in need upon completing the application forms.

  • Scholarship amounts granted varies from year to year and depends on several factors. Please inquire with Director.